Did HTC Just Tease a 1080p Device or a Windows 8 Phone for September 19? (Updated)

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We all know that HTC has an event planned for September 19 (tomorrow) in New York, but through Twitter, they just gave us the first real clue as to what we can expect. Let’s see if we can decode it together. 

First, the “19.9” simply means September 19, the date of tomorrow’s event. The 10:08 time on the corner of the device, we were initially thinking could be transformed to be 10:80. Since it looks like a clock and 10:80 isn’t an actual time, this could be there way of representing it. Not likely. Since they use 10:08 in all of their device photos, I’d instead lean towards it not hinting at a 1080p device and is the actual clock, which leads us into the next clue.

They used the message “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software,” however, that doesn’t tell us much other than to expect a device that looks and runs beautifully. Or is that referring to Windows Phone 8 which many refer to as one of the most beautiful operating systems around? The minimal look of the 10:08 clock certainly resembles Windows Phone more than it does Android.

The fourth piece to this puzzle is the actual device on display. Is that a tablet or a phone? We all know that HTC is working on a 1080p phone codenamed the “dlx,” but since this gives off more of a Windows Phone 8 impression, I’m not sure this is it. To Tim and I, this actually looks more like a tablet, but then again, maybe this corner picture isn’t of the actual device and is simply a render that they felt like using?

Update:  If you need any more confirmation that this will be a Windows Phone unveiling, then look no further than the official Windows Phone Twitter account which just so happened to mention HTC’s “cryptic” Tweet.

You tell us. I’m starting to lean towards this being Windows Phone 8 stuff and nothing more.

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