Verizon Memo Hints at Future Google Experience Phones and Tablets, Will We See Another VZW Nexus?

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A Verizon memo with tomorrow’s date on it that ended up in our inbox, talks about a new pairing of Amazon apps with future devices. If you looked closely at the Galaxy Stellar or our video of the RAZR HD today, you may have noticed that the IMDb, Amazon marketplace, and Audible apps are all preloaded. This is the partnership that I’m referring to. According to this memo, all “newly launched Android devices” will have this suite of apps, well, unless they are “Google Experience devices or tablets.” Let me say that again – unless they are Google experience devices or tablets. 

What exactly am I getting at? Well, a “Google Experience” device is either a 100% stock Android device or one that Google has worked directly with the OEM on. Basically, I’m saying that this is potentially referring to a Nexus. When you hear the words “Google Experience,” you can usually swap them out and put in “Nexus” and get the same result (XOOM also fits the description even though it wasn’t a Nexus).

So if we read into this memo, there are a couple of scenarios they could be referring to. The first, is that Verizon already has plans to launch either another Nexus phone or a Nexus tablet in the future. The second, is that they are simply informing their employees that if they were to have a Google Experience device in the future, that it wouldn’t have these apps preloaded.

I sort of doubt that they would drop such a bomb like this in a September memo, but hey, crazier things have happened. After all, there are rumors floating about that suggest that a 3G Nexus 7 is in the works. Who knows, maybe that story should have read, “Nexus 7 4G LTE tablet in the works”? Or maybe one of the multiple Nexus OEMs is planning to release a carrier-branded version to help drive sales?

What do you guys think, will we ever see another Verizon-branded Nexus? If so, who would you want it to be from – LG, Samsung or Sony?



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