DROID RAZR HD Appears in All Its Glory Thanks to Another Forum Leak

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One day after the international RAZR HD appeared over at XDA, the U.S. version, better known as the DROID RAZR HD, has appeared via Droid Forums. We now have a confirmation on the name, thanks to a picture of the phone’s About screen – not that we were questioning it to begin with, since Motorola employees gave that up long ago. We also get a look at the backside, which is full-on kevlar, and in my opinion, much more appealing than the backside that we saw on the international version. 

If you thought for a second that this wasn’t coming to Verizon, the 4G LTE logo on the backside along with “Verizon” being mentioned in the system version should help ease your mind there. On-screen navigation keys are present. The “HD” in the name clearly means the resolution of the device, so we will likely see a similar 720p Colorboost display to the one included in the Atrix HD.

Other than that, we can see that the phone is running Android 4.0.4, matches the code name “Vanquish” that we have seen through benchmarks and on other devices, and could be here in a matter of weeks now that it has cruised through the FCC.

Speaking of the FCC, there is a better-than-average chance that this will have a 2530mAh battery. While that may seem a bit smaller than the 3300mAh behemoth that sits inside the RAZR MAXX, it’s still substantially larger than most phones. Looking at this photo of the phone, it appears as if they also managed to keep it very thin. Couple that with the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor that we have seen in benchmarks, and this should easily last you a day, possibly more.

So, is this your next phone?

Via:  DroidForums

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