16GB Nexus 7 Now Back in Stock

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After a two week period of Google trying to catch up on 16GB Nexus 7 orders, the device is now showing as being back “in stock.” Between the 8GB and 16GB versions, the bigger storage option is either the hotter selling of the two or Google was expecting the 8GB to be much more popular and simply manufactured more of it instead.

In our review of the Nexus 7, we tossed out the idea that you may want to go for the 16GB instead, if you plan on downloading a bunch of content to your device. With the 8GB option, you have to remember that 2.5GB or so are taken up by the operating system and that HD movies can land at around another 2.5GB, leaving you with very little space for major gaming titles, music, or other videos.

If the 16GB was the Nexus 7 that you had been holding out for, jump into the Play Store now.

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