Google Wallet Hacked to Work on Verizon’s Galaxy S3

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In case you were wondering, Google Wallet is blocked from Verizon’s Galaxy S3 just like it was on the Galaxy Nexus. Big Red has their own mobile NFC payment system on the way, called Isis, and would rather you wait to turn your life over to one. Oh wait, they aren’t blocking Google Wallet, it’s just that it’s “different” than other mobile commerce apps. Mmhmm. In other words, they are blocking it for now, until they can work out a licensing deal with Google.

If you were wanting to get in some NFC payment action ahead of time, there is a new hack that will get you up and running and spending at your local NFC-equipped spots. A .zip is available to be flashed by rooted users. From what we can tell, it involves the changing of your current build.prop file, followed by a push of a tweaked Wallet app. The video above is proof that it indeed works.

Via:  XDA | Phandroid



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