How to: Remove That Pesky Ongoing WiFi Notification on the Verizon Galaxy S3

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On Friday, we noticed that Verizon had introduced a new “ongoing” notification to the Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G LTE that to put it nicely, was a bit annoying. This is essentially their way of reminding customers that they should use WiFi as much as possible rather than their brand spankin’ new 4G LTE network. For tiered or shared data customers, this reminder is probably worthwhile, but to those of us with unlimited data and who do not appreciate a 24-7 reminder of something we do anyway, we were looking for ways to get rid of it. One of our readers has come through in the clutch again with a step-by-step guide, for rooted users. 


*You have to be rooted in order to do this.

1.  Download an SQL editor from the Play store and open it. SQLite Editor is an option.
2.  Find Setting storage>settings.db>secure:


3.  Locate line 86 “wifi_networks_available_notification_on” in the editor and long press on that record.


4.  Choose “Edit Record” and change the value to 0 (zero).

5.  Save the record, back out and restart your phone. Enjoy not having a WiFi notification any longer.

Cheers Brandon!



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