Verizon Offers Up DROID Charge for Free, Drops the “DROID” Brand

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At one point in time, the “DROID” tag was saved for phones that were thought to be the biggest and most bad ass phones on the planet. The tag slowly started to lose its effectiveness with the DROID 2, but officially hit rock bottom when Verizon and Samsung decided that the Charge was worthy of carrying the title. We argued in our DROID Charge review that it had no business under the DROID brand as it was released with a single-core processor and low level specs at a time when dual-core phones were about to rule the “all machines.” Other than its beautiful 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, the Charge failed to impress just about anyone.

As of today, Verizon has apparently seen the light, offering it up for free (originally $299 at launch) and dropping the DROID brand from it. The phone is now known as the “Charge by Samsung” and has been pulled from Actually, on its product page, they have yet to remove the term “DROID,” but that will likely happen any day. That is if it lasts that long. Normally when we see a top tier phone drop to “free,” it’s on the verge of disappearing for good.

On a related note, only includes Motorola phones now. DROID brand about to die or will it become a Moto-only thing going forward? Does anyone care?

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