Verizon’s Family Data Usage Calculator Spotted, Plans Almost Upon Us?

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It’s no secret, Verizon is preparing to introduce Family Data plans at some point in 2012, potentially during Q2 or Q3. Company executives have mentioned it a handful of times and we have seen changes made to billing systems for months now to prepare for it. The move is definitely happening.

Today’s picture of a Family Data Usage Calculator is yet another sign that things are moving along quickly. The picture above matches the style and format of VZW’s current Data Usage Calculator and even appears to be live somewhere on their website. We poked around for a few minutes and were unable to find it, but the top bar in the window leads us to believe that it can be found. (Do work DL community.)

Not that we were expected to see them, but prices are not included in the calculator. This tool is made for one purpose, to get you to decide during the checkout process how much data you think you need since Verizon has tiered data plans now.

Family data plans could be a big deal, especially for those with multiple lines that see varying amounts of data usage. The key here is obviously the pricing – something we have nothing to compare or get a feel for since Verizon will be the first to introduce plans of this kind.

Via:  PhoneArena



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