Google Files Patent Application For New Lockscreen Interface, Thumbs Nose At Apple

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Coming off a decision in German courts that Motorola is in fact infringing on Apple’s device unlocking patents, it looks like the only way to get them off their backs is to create something completely new. That should work, right? That is the exact route Google is making, as they have sent in a patent application to the USPTO which could change the way users open their smartphones, tablets, and even computers. The application is titled, “Input to Locked Computing Device.” It is sort of hard to decipher all of the legal jargon, but what we can tell is that there will be multiple options or interchangeable options you can have on your lockscreen and you will drag an option into a certain action at the bottom of the screen to unlock the device.

This is the first initial step in a long line of steps that would allow this feature to become a reality and a permanent fixture on devices. We will need to be patient and await the USPTO’s decision on Google’s application. Does it sound interesting though? It definitely looks neat.

Via: Engadget, USPTO



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