Google Voice Update Brings New ICS User Interface, Click-to-Call Feature to Tablets

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Now that we have figured out how to install the mysterious Google Voice update that appeared in the market within the last couple of hours, it’s time to dive into some of the new stuff we are seeing. The most noticeable change comes on the UI front. Google has introduced a new icon for the app that matches the color scheme for Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the overall look. All menu and action bars are now themed to fit the theme of other prominent Android 4.0 apps.

The other cool thing one of our readers noticed was on his tablet – there is now an option for “Click-to-Call.” If you click this button and then give it a number to call, it will send a call to your phone that will then connect to the number you requested. There has been a Chrome extension that worked in a similar way for a while now, but as far as we know, this is new to tablets.

*Note – The market lists stuff about prefetching and sending to multiple recipients, but that was included in the update back in November. The official full changelog is not out yet.

More pics below.  

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