HTC to Unveil Quad-core Phones at MWC in February, Rather than Next Week at CES?

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So far, this year’s CES (which happens next week) doesn’t appear to have the same buzz that we experienced while heading into last year’s event. We went into the biggest electronics show in the land knowing that 4G LTE phones were going to be unveiled, that tablets would dominate the show, and that dual-core processors would enter the game in a big way. This year, it’s anyone’s guess for the most part. One thing we were sort of expecting though, was a set of NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core devices (potentially phones, but likely just more tablets) to make their debut.

While that may still happen, the latest rumor suggests that HTC will be holding out their quad-core stuff until February’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event. It’s tough to tell if their reason for waiting is that their devices in particular are not ready for prime time or because the Tegra 3 still needs some work before it can go into phones. Either way, it’s disappointing news if it is true. We would have loved to see HTC and their new stance on bootloaders drop us a quad-core beast.

Via:  Commercial Times, BGR



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