SugarSync Releases AutoSync For Videos, The Easiest Way To Get Your Videos Onto Your Computer

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SugarSync is a free service on Android that allows for easy syncing of your files to your computer. Previously, it only handled photos and files, but today, SugarSync has received an update that allows for users to easily sync their videos now as well. No more emailing yourself or taking the time to plug in your phone to a computer. Once you are connected to a WiFi network, the new SugarSync will automatically do the work for you. And if you leave a WiFi area, videos will not sync as to prevent you from crushing your tiered data plan:

Yes, it really is that easy. After you install the app, just take a video using your device’s built-in camera, like you normally would. Behind the scenes, SugarSync will detect the new video and when you have a WiFi connection, will back it up to the Cloud and sync it to your computers in your Mobile Photos folder. It is truly a zero-step process to getting your videos from your Android device to your computers.

With videos typically being larger files, we purposefully built AutoSync Videos to respect your data plan and battery. AutoSync Videos will only run when you’re connected to a WiFi network – even if you’ve set AutoSync Photos to be allowed to run on 3G. This helps ensure that AutoSync Videos won’t burn through your data plan.

Does it sound like it might save you some time and stress? At the very least, this is a great way to keep backups of your favorite mobile-shot videos.

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