Android Distribution Charts Updated, Ice Cream Sandwich Makes Its Debut

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At the beginning of each month, the Android team updates the OS version distribution chart to give us a look at which version reigns supreme. This month’s is significant because Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) has made its debut, grabbing a whoppin’ 0.6% of the pie. Gingerbread and Froyo make up more than 85% of the chart, while Honeycomb and the dozens of tablets in the wild that have been out for 8+ months now, only managed to grab about 3.3% of it all.

So what else can we grab from these numbers? Well, if we do some rough math (completely unofficial of course), we could look at the number of activations per day – which is about 700K – and attempt to come up with number of Galaxy Nexus devices in the wild. Since the phone came out on December 15, we could estimate that around 16.3 million Android devices were activated (20 days total:  3.7 million on the 24th and 25th, plus 700K per day for the other 18 days). If you take 0.3% of that total (G-Nex isn’t officially running Android 4.0.3 yet), we come up with about 48,900 newly activated since December 15. That seems low.

Update:  While my quick and extremely rough math was based on recent numbers, another angle would be taking the estimated total of 200 million Android devices in the wild total and then take 0.3% of that leading to 600,000 total. Probably more accurate. 🙂 (Cheers KillaPenguin!)

Obviously that number is completely inexact, especially if we assume that more than 700K activations were happening per day during the holiday week after X-mas (presents, money to spend on phones, etc.). So please, do not take that number as gospel, but we thought we would throw it out there.


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