Google’s Android Market Hits The 400K Apps Milestone

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Over the course of this long holiday season, the Android Market reached 400,000+ applications.  A mighty impressive number considering its lifespan is that of only 3 years.  Thanks to Distimo, there has been plenty of research into the growth of the Android Market and they have made a wonderful chart tracking the rate at which the Market has grown over the last year.  According to their research, a huge factor in the Market’s growth and success, is the large amount of free applications which reaches a whopping 68%.  That is a lot of  free apps. 

The year 2011 has been fantastic for the Market, reaching 200k apps in April and 300k  just four months later in August, before topping out at 400k in December.  As the number of applications published grows, so has the amount of publishers in general, reaching 100,000 in total with an average of 4.1 apps published per publisher. But, you and I as consumers know that not all of these 400k apps are going to be awesome and I am sure that a good-size amount of these apps are Asian wallpaper apps, or anti-virus junk apps.  All joking aside, I think it’s safe to say that Android continues to blow away expectations.  And with the growing number of excellent app developers heading towards Android, the future is looking bigger and brighter than ever.

Via: Distimo



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