DROID 4 Accessories Arrive at Indirect Verizon Retailers

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While we think we know just about every single DROID 4 (full recap) detail, a release date has continued to avoid us. An early target date showed December 22 (clearly that didn’t happen) with the most recent showing some time in February. We have seen it in Best Buy ads, on droiddoes.com, as a dummy unit, in training materials, in official press shots, and even the accessory lineup that will accompany it at launch. Any normal person would guess that it could launch any day now.

Well, you can add “accessories in stores” to the list of D4 details that suggest an imminent release. Except, we don’t really believe that the release is imminent, do we? Are we expecting this to be Motorola’s CES device since nothing else has leaked? Surely they couldn’t hang out in a giant booth at the year’s biggest electronics show with nothing new to show but a couple of XYBOARDs, could they?  

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