Fire Up the Galaxy Nexus Release Date Rumor Engine Again – Add December 13 to the List

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Is anyone else shaking their head while reading this? I sure am while writing it. With the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon getting the bump from December 9 to who-knows-when, it is anyone’s guess when we will see it. This whole situation has become one giant mess – if that word even does it justice. We were told that it would be out “before the end of the year” a number of times, but if it isn’t obvious to you that this phone should have been out a couple of times by now and that December 9 was the latest rock solid date, then I can’t help you. We don’t need an “official” announcement from Verizon to understand this. 😛

Verizon informed their entire nationwide staff including indirect stores that 12/9 was the all channel launch date. They don’t make this information available to just anyone unless it is 99.9% set in stone. The phone is in stock at all stores ready to be sold, yet no one is allowed to. The reason for this delay is not known. In fact, most VZW friends of ours are as confused and shocked as all you.

So what now? Well, we look to next week unless something crazy happens over the next 48 hours and we end up seeing on Friday after all. Could that happen? Of course, anything could. Until we see another update on that front though, we will open our ears and eyes to all options. And the newest that we have seen from indirect retailers is December 13 (next Tuesday). We aren’t exactly sure why they would go with Tuesday – other than the fact that we are supposed to see the XYBOARD on Monday – but will accept it into the list of rumored dates.

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