DROID RAZR MAXX on the Way? Is This the HD Version of the RAZR?

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At this point, if a week has gone by and a new Motorola phone hasn’t been outed, then there is something wrong. As an Android OEM, no one seems to pump out devices faster than these guys. So when a new device was found in EXIF data over at Picasa, that could be their follow-up to the recently released DROID RAZR, dubbed the RAZRMAX, we are not surprised at all.

Little is known about the phone, but when you see “DROID” mixed into the name, you know it’s headed to Verizon. Since we saw two new HD screened RAZR-esque phones announced for China just last week, one could assume that one of them may end up as the RAZRMAX here in the states. “MAX” as a word in general, gives off an impression of “bonus” or “upgraded” which would fit in perfectly with an HD screen. Or could it be a bigger battery? Tough to tell from EXIF data. 

Oh, and to add to this theory, look no further than the software it’s running:  Spyder. Name sound familiar? It’s the code name we outed back in August that ended up being the DROID RAZR. I’d say we may be looking at the first HD Motorola device on Big Red.

Since July, we have seen the DROID 3, Bionic, RAZR, DROID 4, two XOOM 2s, and now a RAZRMAX all on Verizon. Can you say “flooded?” How do you feel about all of this, Motorola phone owners?

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