Galaxy Nexus Storage Size Returns to 32GB, World Exhales

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Does anyone else get the feeling that Google is just messing with us at this point? First the Galaxy Nexus specs said both 16GB and 32GB for storage size, then it dropped to just 16GB causing the entire DL community to stop breathing momentarily, and now it only says 32GB. While we’ll take the bigger storage size any day of the week, this whole situation has become so incredibly silly. It’s not like we were actually worried that it might only come with 16GB as Verizon documents have clearly shown the bigger size from day one, we just likes things to be set in stone in front of our faces.

So, we’ve squashed the Flash and storage issues. By the time Verizon decides to approve this puppy once and for all, it may actually be flawless.

Via:  Google

Cheers Robert, Liderc and Greg!



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