Verizon Compares LTE Phone Lineup to AT&T, Still Shows Galaxy Nexus with 32GB of Storage

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The DL community was up in arms yesterday when they noticed that Google had updated the Galaxy Nexus spec page to show just 16GB of internal storage. It was a confusing move as we know that the 32GB LTE version of the device is in a number of people’s hands at this time. We have also seen Verizon train their employees on the idea that it will launch with 32GB, so there shouldn’t be much reason to freak out and will have to assume that Google has some brilliant behind the scenes reason for pulling off such a move.

To hopefully help ease your mind though, we have another training document that compares Verizon’s “Big 3” LTE phones to AT&T’s first two. In the document, the most important specs are listed including storage for devices. The Galaxy Nexus as you may have guessed, is highlighted in red as having 32GB of storage. Not sure that Big Red could be more clear on this to their employees and now to you.

We all good on the storage front?

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