Verizon Gets the 32GB Galaxy Nexus, Priced $289 at Costco?

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When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was introduced, we were told that the device would come in both 16GB and 32GB models with no SD card slot in sight. The lack of removable storage worried many of you, so when we saw minimum advertised pricing lists showing the phone at $299 on multiple occasions, we kept wondering which version this would be. According to a training document that compares the device to the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound, it appears as if Big Red is getting the big 32GB model. Hallelujah! While that may not solve the fact that it doesn’t have removable storage, it should at least give you piece of mind that it will take you some time to actually fill up that much space. Simply popping your current card out of your current phone and dropping it into the G-Nex though, not happening. 

And on a related note, Costco is showing the G-Nex as being $289 on contract, $10 cheaper than you will likely see it in Verizon stores. No word if the phone will come bundled like we saw with the DROID Bionic, but hey, $10 is $10.

Via:  TheDroidGuy, Android Central

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