Galaxy Nexus Accessory List Shows Standard Battery of 1850mAh, HDMI Portrait-style Desktop Dock Priced at $59.99

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The Euro version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that will be available this week (November 17), is powered by a 1750mAh battery. That’s not too shabby for a standard battery these days. Most of us in the states though, were worried that there may not be enough juice in that size of battery to get us through a day of use on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Talk of it being bumped to 1850mAh surfaced within the last week or so, and I’d say we just confirmed that with the screenshot you are seeing above. In the top right corner, you can see that the “in box” standard battery will be 1850mAh. Feel a little better about the phone now?

Also on the list is the an HDMI portrait-style desktop dock, vehicle mount and a bunch of your other standard accessories like cases and screen protectors. Picture of the dock with a $59.99 price tag after the break.   

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