Galaxy Nexus Updates: Possible Dimensions, New Render and Usable Screen Size Thanks to On-Screen Buttons

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After hearing that the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement was postponed, things seemed to have quieted over the weekend. Let’s go ahead and ramp them back up, shall we?

First, take a look at the new render up above that was created from Samsung’s CTIA teaser and the hands-on video that took the world by storm on Friday morning. That is probably about as close as we will get to an official looking mock-up until the phone is announced in the next couple of weeks. Is this not one of the sexiest phones we have ever seen?    

Next, we have potential dimensions for the phone thanks to one of our readers. In the image below, he scaled it up against the original DROID to get a height of 5.26″ and a width of 2.62″ along with that 4.65″ diagonal screen. It’s not going to be the next hummer Thunderbolt, and will fit nicely in your pocket as almost all Samsung phones do.

The next subject that was attacked this weekend was the thought of the 4.65″ screen being far too big. I guess I thought we had covered the idea that the extra size was due to the on-screen buttons, but quite the conversation was started over it on a variety of sites and wanted to bring it up here.

So yes folks, the screen is 4.65″, but during normal use there will only be 4.3″ or 4.5″ of usable screen – the rest of the space is for the on-screen buttons. The cool thing here, is that during video playback or games, the buttons will more than likely be hidden like on the XOOM and Honeycomb, giving you the full 720p experience.  (via: reddit,

Talking about this phone never gets old. There are so many things going on here that should make this the phone to beat for the foreseeable future. Any thoughts on the screen or dimensions?

Top render via TumblrCheers Greg, sperho and everyone else!!



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