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Samsung Galaxy SIII Shows Up With Specs on Training Slide

The slide above is making the rounds today, showing off what could be the next-gen Samsung Galaxy SIII. This device was first mentioned in a 4chan mega-rumor that for the most part, has turned out to be pretty spot on. This slide though, we aren’t really sure what to think. ¬†We will start with the specs listed and then jump into some other odd things that were included.

Specs from this slide vs. previous rumor (4chan specs in italics):

  • 1.8GHz dual-core Exynos processor (2.0GHz dual-core Exynos)
  • 2GB RAM (1.5GB RAM)
  • 4.6″ Super AMOLED Plus HD (4.65″ Super AMOLED III)
  • 12MP rear camera (10MP rear camera)

So these specs sort of match up to what we had heard in the past – both should be taken lightly though. Let’s look at the actual slide which has more errors than a little league shortstop. Samsung refers to mobile as “Samsung Mobile Solutions” not just “Solution.” Copying is spelled wrong. The original Galaxy S did not have an Exynos. And the list goes on. Could be carelessness on the part of the presenter; we will never know.

Take it as a rumor for now, but you can bet that the next Galaxy device is most definitely in the making. Also, it took the rest of the players almost a year to catch up to the Galaxy SII when Sammie first unveiled it in February – should we expect the same to happen again next year with the SGS3?

Via: Phandroid



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