Nielsen: New Smartphone Adopters Choosing Android 2 to 1 Over iOS

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Each time we see one of these reports of Android dominating the competition in mobile OS share, we tell ourselves that we will quit reporting on them because it’s the same ol’ tune.  But then reports like today’s from Nielsen come out and surprise us again.  According to their numbers and the left side of the chart up top, Android’s smartphone OS share grew to 43% (up from 40% last month), yet that’s not the monstrous number here.

What should stick out to you is the right side of the chart which displays the fact that consumers who purchased smartphones over the last 3 months, chose Android phones 56% of the time.  The next closest mobile OS is iOS, but it’s all the way down at 28% or half of Android’s adoption rate.  As is pointed out in Nielsen’s report though, these numbers could quickly change once the new iPhone(s) is announced in the next few weeks, but we still found it interesting enough to stop and drop a jaw.  Seriously, 2 to 1 adoption rate of iOS?  Nice work Team Android.

Via:  Nielsen



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