Best Buy Planning Something Major for August 17 and 22, Any Guesses? (Updated)

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At first we were thinking that Best Buy planned to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II on August 17 and 22, but with Samsung already looking to make that announcement on August 29 in New York, we’re no longer sure.  The bad news for Verizon customers, is that neither of those days is a Thursday, so unless they break one of their longest release trends ever (Thursdays for new phones), then we’ll probably be seeing something for another carrier.

Any chance it’s the iPhone 5?  Hah, not likely.  We’re wondering if BBY simply plans to hold the ultimate cheap deal day, twice?  Like say, make every phone free from any carrier?  Possibly.  Except we would almost expect that to be on two Wednesdays rather than a Monday and Wednesday.

Update:  We’ve heard from a number of Best Buy folks that are under the impression that this will just be one of their uber-cheap deal days.  Four different phones could be available for free, would be the best bet.

I guess we’ll know in 2 days when they start letting their employees know why they have started over-staffing and changing schedules immediately.  Intriguing.

Any guesses?

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