Motorola Prepares to Fix the DROIDX Gingerbread Bugfest, Soak Test Set to Begin

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DROIDX owners, your are about to be fixed.  Well, your Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update that caused so many frustrating problems is.  The Moto support group has started sending out invites to another “soak test” that we’re assuming will be the massive bug fixer that you have all been impatiently waiting for.


First, I need to thank you for your participation and feedback in the Gingerbread update test we conducted in May. I can’t begin to express how valuable the details provided have been.

In the event that we have another update, are you interested in providing feedback? The project we’re lining up will not be as involved as the one we conducted in May. It is confidential.

If you are interested, please click here to take a short registration survey. Please respond as soon as possible if you want to take part as we are working against a short deadline.


– Matt
Motorola Feedback Network
Motorola Owners’ Forums

Clearly there aren’t many details in that email, but what else could it be?  Everyone ready (finally)?  We’ve heard from a number of users that have jumped ship from the DX after having to wait for almost 3 months for this to be released.  And maybe now the other devices like the DROID2, Pro and Global will feel some love?

Cheers Scooby, Jigga_Z, R, M, and A!



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