AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Outed With Keyboard in Tow

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Are you looking at the U.S. edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II?  According to BGR, this is at least the AT&T version that we can expect, well, at some time.  As you can see, it has a full slideout keyboard, something that would seem to appeal to a much smaller group than the ultra-slim, all-touchscreen version we have grown accustomed to launching throughout the rest of the world.  The version of TouchWiz matches up to the current Euro version though, it is running Gingerbread, and the benchmarks are on-par with our test results.  This most definitely looks like it could be a keyboarded Galaxy S II.

We just want to ask – are you disappointed that the U.S. version may have a keyboard?  Now, there is still a chance that there will be keyboardless variants and that AT&T for whatever reason decided to go with this model, but we’re a little scared since we saw a Sammie device with a keyboard that appeared to be headed to Verizon a few weeks ago.  While it looked just like an Epic 4G and not an SGS2, we are still slightly worried.

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Via:  BGR



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