Best Buy Ad Outs DROID Bionic, Listed as an “Unstoppable Machine”

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We’re getting close, folks.  The DROID Bionic has eluded us all for 7 months, but we now know that retailers like Best Buy are finally starting to gear up for it thanks to the document received by the crew at This is my next.  While we aren’t seeing a whole lot of useful information in this flyer, we do get confirmation on the new styling and that a massive marketing campaign could be in the works.

The device is definitely looking just like the one we saw in a variety of forums over the last month, so this must be revision 3 that our sources told us was final.  We get confirmation on dual-core and dual cameras, but those were expected back when the original version was announced in January.  The big thing here, is that the device is ready for launch.  Could it be early August?  Let’s hope so.

Via:  This is my next

Cheers Bardia, Tucker, JLukes, and Michael!



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