Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!

Today sort of marks the start of Verizon’s Android summer release series which will include the DROID3 this Thursday, followed by the DROID Bionic in either “late July” or early August.  It definitely didn’t launch today like all of those random tech sites tried to suggest – you already knew it wasn’t happening though.  We’re also hoping that Big Red will slide in the Galaxy S II somewhere in there, but rumors would suggest that it won’t be 4G LTE and without any mention of a U.S. release from Samsung, it’s pretty hard to know.

There are a number of Gingerbread builds that need to come out for devices like the Thunderbolt, Incredible, Incredible 2, DROID2, DROID Pro, DROID2 Global, and DROIDX2.  Our sources have suggested that all of the Motorola phones may not see Android 2.3 for a while after the bug list from the DX’s GB build started piling up.  And we were told by HTC that the Tbolt and Inc would see it in Q2, but we’re now 4 days past that deadline and are without a new time line.  So there are some big things on the horizon and even though we seem to be dealing with a new set of delays (again), it’s still exciting when you start looking at all of the new goodness that’s on the way.

It’s definitely going to get wild around here.  Let’s all get ready for it by relaxing and tossing a few back on this sun-filled holiday of ours.



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