My Friends, the DROID Bionic is Not Launching on July 4

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So our inbox has been flooded over the last few days with this rumor that the DROID Bionic is going to launch on July 4 and decided to finally address it.  First off, I don’t know where it started, but the links people are sending me with this story are from the most random sites on the planet.  Second, we know that Verizon almost always (like 99.9% of the time) releases new phones on Thursdays and July 4 is definitely not meeting that criteria.  Third, it’s the freakin’ 4th of July.  Who releases the biggest phone of the year on a holiday?  And fourth, we heard from 2 sources this weekend that Motorola is on revision 3 of the device, which means it’s not yet ready.  If this thing was coming to us on the 4th (2 weeks from yesterday), then it would basically be arriving in warehouses and we’d have seen it enough to know every single finalized detail.

The last schedule we were sent showed it listed as “late July” with the DROID3 sneaking in before it in “early July.”  It’ll be here this summer, and we wouldn’t doubt it if it showed up in mid-August.  Be sure that you don’t need to adjust your plans for the 4th because of a nasty rumor that this phone is going to magically appear around then.  Enjoy the fireworks.



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