App of the Day: Thumb Keyboard

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If you own a tablet or plan on buying one in the near future, there is one app that I recommend you pick up immediately:  Thumb Keyboard.  To put it simply, this app makes typing on a big screened device so much easier than any other app on the planet and that includes Swiftkey’s Honeycomb keyboard.  Thumb Keyboard allows you to quickly type while using only your thumbs, utilizes built-in themes for different looks, predicts with the best of them, and includes more customizable options to make it fit to your personal needs than any keyboard I’ve used.  Oh, and they just introduced multi-touch in the latest update making it that much more impressive.  Best $2.50 I’ve spent since buying my XOOM on day 1.

Market Link ($2.50)

*The Amazon Free app of the day is Pac-man.

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