Lookout Identifies Another 34 DroidDream Malware Apps in the Android Market

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Back in March, a number of potentially dangerous apps were found in the Android Market that had the ability to root your phone and proceed to steal personal information.  What the developer behind them was doing, was looking for some of the more popular apps in the market, downloading and repackaging them with malware, and then uploading them to the market.  They were essentially duplicates that were difficult to spot to the average user.  The group of apps were dubbed “DroidDream” and were thought to be all but wiped out – and this weekend happened.

Our pals over at Lookout Security were tipped to another batch of apps that were posing a similar threat which they are now calling “DroidDreamLight” or DDLight.  Around 34 applications and 6 developers made the list which we have for you below.  I’d suggest that you take a quick look through them all and then browse through the app list on your phone to make sure you are clean.

And I hate that we have to do this, but again, to avoid these types of problems you need to be a little more careful when downloading apps.  If the app has only been downloaded a few times, has a low rating, and is from a developer you have never heard of, you should probably avoid it.  If the app contains the words hot, sex, girls, or breasts you should probably avoid it.  If you are browsing for free “fake” versions of legitimate paid apps because you are a cheap ass, go get a job just know that you are opening yourself up to a bad time.  This isn’t rocket science – only download from reputable developers and you’ll be fine.

The full list of developers and apps is after the break.  

Developer:  Magic Photo Studio

Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese
Sexy Legs
HOT Girls 4
Beauty Breasts
Sex Sound
Sex Sound: Japanese
HOT Girls 1
HOT Girls 2
HOT Girls 3

Developer:  Mango Studio

Floating Image Free
System Monitor
Super StopWatch and Timer
System Info Manager

Developer:  E.T. Tean

Call End Vibrate

Developer:  BeeGoo

Quick Photo Grid
Delete Contacts
Quick Uninstaller
Contact Master
Brightness Settings
Volume Manager
Super Photo Enhance
Super Color Flashlight
Paint Master

Developer:  DroidPlus

Quick Cleaner
Super App Manager
Quick SMS Backup

Developer:  GluMobi

Bubble Buster Free
Quick History Eraser
Super Compass and Leveler
Go FallDown !
Solitaire Free
Scientific Calculator

Via:  Lookout



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