LauncherPro Plus Skins are Ready to Take Over Your Phone, Droid Life Themed Version Included

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Droid Life Skin | BNW Inverted | Glass Sense

We just wanted to take a quick minute to point out that the skinning engine for LauncherPro Plus widgets is taking off like crazy.  If you pop into the market and search for “launcherpro skin” you’ll run into 4 pages worth of custom goodness for your phone.  And one in particular that we’d like to point out comes from out good friend six7one, who put spiced one up with the Droid Life branding and color scheme.  Sexy pink on a Friday?  Yessir.  Other than that, we just grabbed 5 others that really stood out to us as being high quality.  Oh, and don’t forget about signals23 and his entire collection.  

Galaxy S2 | WP7 Red | Minimal Magic

Find any other good ones, be sure to drop them below!



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