When is the Worst Time to Buy an Android Phone? Any Time.

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A little humor on a Friday afternoon never hurt, right?  If we can’t poke fun at our Android fanboy selves, then we should just go hide in a hole because we are likely taking everything way to seriously.

(Thank @Koush for this one.)

The graphic above attempts to lay out the timeline for the “worst possible time” to buy an i*hone or an Android phone, leaving our side of the world looking a little silly.  Funny thing is, it fits right into this week’s theme, “Updates or die!”  What do I take from this?  This just proves that we have choices.  Instead of waiting for June each year, we have the option to choose a device at any time and from any carrier, and THAT is not a bad thing.  Obviously you buy something and then get locked into it for two years, but as long as you educate yourself and buy a decent phone that isn’t the LG Ally or anything with Samsung branding on it, you should be good.  As far as updates are concerned though, I’m not about to go there.

Thoughts?  Keep it as clean as your Friday mind allows.

Via:  Design Dare



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