HTC Incredible HD Model Number will be ADR6400, Thunderbolt a Possible Name

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We’ve received word that the model number for the Incredible HD will be ADR6400 (officially ADR6400LVW) which makes perfect sense.  The original Incredible is ADR6300 and if everything we have been led to believe comes true, this is the follow up device to it, so the numbering sequence matches right up.  We’re also hearing that a name has still not been finalized and that “Thunderbolt” is appearing on documentation alongside “Mecha.”

Maybe “Thunderbolt” is just a code name for it being the first 4G LTE device?  Remember that first 4G commercial from Verizon with the thunderbolt in a box?  Fitting.

Oh, and I already ran through the standard Picasa and Google searches, but feel free to in your spare time.



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