DROID Does Recruiting Violations in Tennessee

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Oh Tennessee Volunteers coach Derek Dooley…bad boy!  According to reports out of the south, Dooley was busted after accidentally posting a message to a recruit’s Facebook page using none other than his trusty Motorola Droid.  Seems a little silly, but the NCAA bylaws strictly limited coaches to keeping contact with recruits using emails and faxes only…

According to the bylaw, “electronically transmitted correspondence that may be sent to a prospective student-athlete (or the prospective student-athlete’s parents or legal guardians) is limited to electronic mail and facsimiles.”

Another “Does” moment.  Oh and I apologize for the cheesy shopped picture…I just thought it was funny to find a picture of Dooley at a press table with Verizon logos all over the place and needed to toss in our all-time favorite family member.

Via:  Go Vols Xtra

Cheers Robert!


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