Motorola’s Entire DROID Lineup Makes Another Print Appearance

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This whole not wanting to officially recognize the Droid 2 Global thing is starting to get silly.  In this new ad which I just pulled from this month’s Details, Verizon introduces the Droid Pro (our review) to the family as the new global beast, only the D2G is also pictured without a mention  Now, I think we all understand that they made a mistake by launching the original Droid 2 and are trying not to piss off the massive amounts of people that bought it just 3 months ago, but this phone could be a huge hit with its global capabilities and powerful 1.2GHz processor.  Not to mention that the keyboard crushes the OG’s and the OGD2’s…weirdos.

Oh, the Droid X is also featured.  Nice to see the big dog still holding his own after 5 months of life in the wild.

That’s also our third Droid appearance in one day.  Here and here.



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