Motorola CEO Confirms Tegra 2 Phone, Possibly Launching by X-mas?

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Last night, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha was asked a few questions by some media members just after the announcement of the Droid Pro and one of them touched on the mysterious dual-core Tegra 2 processor phone that we are all only hoping comes out by X-mas.  He mentioned that there is a chance that they will release one more phone before the holidays, but the Tegra 2 phone could be pushed back to early 2011.  And remember that the Droid 2 Global has yet to be announced, meaning there is a much greater chance that we’ll see that before the superphone launches.

There are zero specs or leaks out for this device and rumors suggest that Motorola is making NDA’s for all of their new projects ridiculously strict.  If this bad boy of a phone does drop by the holidays, there is a chance that it comes as a last minute announcement much like the Droid Pro.  OK, that’s a lie, you know we’ll be on this.

Via: Android and Me


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