Ask Doctor Root: Wallpapers, Icons and Rom Manager Recovery Fix for the X

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Our resident expert when it comes to anything Droid or Android related, but what he really loves is dissecting rooting questions.  There is nothing our Dr. doesn’t know, so ask away!  Ask Dr. Root.


Dr. Root, How can i use multiple static wallpapers?

Well. before last week I would have told you that it’s not possible. I’ll explain why. The Android operating system handles wallpapers by screen size and as you scroll or swipe from one screen to another it shows only a portion of the wallpaper. There is a technical explanation that involves a lot of math and layout jargon which I will not go into.  Your solution?

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper. Whats that you say, lwp? Yes I know what your thinking, I don’t want to use a live wallpaper. Trust me you do. MultiPicture live wallpaper allows you to select up to 7 different images to use on your screens. It also has transition effects from one screen to another, as well as double tap to change picture and a few more goodies for you to play with.

MultiPicture LWP

Dr. Root  I need more icons on my screen but have no more room. What do I do?

Well personally, I prefer a more minimalistic screen, but since I know you all don’t  share my views, enter…MULTICON. This app acts as a widget and if used with LauncherPro Plus’ resizing and you can have up to 144 icons per screen.

Screenshot of Multicon Widget Screenshot of Multicon Widget

Multicon Widget

Dr. Root, I can’t boot into recovery from Rom Manager on my Droid X. What do I do?

This is an easy one folks. Simply uninstall Rom Manager and re-run Koush’s Bootstrap app. Reinstall Rom Manager and re-flash clockworkmod recovery. This should fix the issue.


Any other burning questions?  Feel free to submit them to the Dr.!



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