Here You Go, the Droid Life LauncherPro and Homescreen Setup

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We’ve been feeling the pressure to share our secret homescreen setup from some of you, so let’s go ahead and reveal it all!

  • The launcher is LauncherPro Plus with a custom icon set and custom launcher button.
  • The wallpaper is a quick black and white DL special that I made to fit this setup perfectly.
  • The clock is D-Clock Widget, stretched using LP Plus.
  • Weather is Weather Forecast Widget (kortolk skin)
  • The battery meter is called BattStatt.
  • That’s it!

All download links and files after the jump!  

LauncherPro Setup:

Download:  Black/White DL Wallpaper

Download:  Evolution Dock and Word Icons

Download:  Launcher Icon

Widget Setup:

D-Clock Widget (stretched using LauncherPro Plus):  Market link

Weather Forcast Widget (2×1 forecast, kortolk skin):  Market link

BattStatt (medium):  Market link

Black Notification Bar:

Webst3r’s SenseX Theme: DL Forums

All good now?


Credit:  LP dock and word icons from Manup456’s rEVOlution theme.

Credit: LauncherPro launcher icon by Kean.

Inspiration:  Reader davedemaria during our last “show off your homescreens” post.


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