Want a DROID Tablet Now? Get One for $249!

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OK, it’s not exactly the Motorola DROID tablet that has been rumored for weeks, but is instead the “DROID 10 Android Tablet” brought to you by Haleron Technologies.  Who?  Exactly.

According to Haleron’s Twitter account, this new “DROID” tablet launched today as a 10″ Android 2.1 representing beast!  Oh, it even offers the “new Flash browser for full internet browsing.”  No not Flash from Adobe, but Skyfire. Yeah, it gets better.  Sporting 256MB of RAM and a 1.0GMHz processor (GMHz?) this thing should really fly especially with it’s browser, Internet Explorer.  (Stop laughing.)  And let’s not forget that the dedicated i*ad inspired button on the front gives it that extra beauty that we were desperately in need of.  I’m sold.

Check out the “DROID 10” here.

And queue lawsuit.



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