Droid X by Motorola Preview from Engadget

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Engadget appears to be the first tech site to get a hold of the new Droid X by Motorola long enough to do a quick writeup.  They put this beast to test by showing off it’s 720p video capabilities, new Motoblur, its size in comparison to competitors, a new keyboard, and so much more.

This comes only hours after we broke the release date news and the official announcement which is coming next week.

Some of the highlights…

  • Hardware:  Looks slightly bigger than the EVO and has far more exterior details.
  • Screen:  Might actually be 4.4″ and is incredibly crisp.
  • Motoblur:  Running Android 2.1 and not what anyone expected but seems to be solid.
  • Camera:  8MP is nice, but the actual camera button made pics unclear at times.
  • Keyboard:  Official Swype comes preinstalled and includes multi-touch.
  • Performance:  The speed is remarkable.

Like I said, they put together a pretty good review for only having the device for a short period of time.  They also have videos and an entire gallery that you must see.

Check out the rest of their writeup here.



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