Samsung Execs are Now Wear-Teasing the Gear S2 Watch

Samsung’s new round smartwatch, the Gear S2, will be here shortly – at IFA in Berlin in just over a week. We have already seen the device on the wrist and in the hands of models looking all sorts of modern, but today’s new image comes courtesy of a Samsung executive, who is contributing to the terrible trend of dressing up your watch with bracelets taking the round wearable for a “test drive.”

Oooooh, round watch that will only ever pair with Samsung devices, oooooooh. Oooooooh.  (more…)

Here is the Samsung Gear S2 on Wrist

This afternoon, just as Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Gear S2 talk had begun to calm, Samsung posted a fashion forward lookbook of all the products. We can admit that we don’t necessarily need more beauty shots of the two phones from earlier, but Samsung did toss in a couple of new shots of their round smartwatch on wrist and in hand of a couple of models. Who doesn’t want more unreleased product imagery?  (more…)

Report: Samsung to Join Round Smartwatch Party at MWC

According to a report out of SamMobile, Samsung is preparing to launch its own fully round smartwatch that will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month. Little is known about the watch, but this report claims that the device carries the model number SM-R720 and codename Orbis. The “R” in the model number could mean “round,” though that is just speculation at this point.  (more…)

Samsung Postpones Launch of Tizen Smartphone to “Further Enhance” the Ecosystem

Samsung’s Tizen-based smarpthone, the Samsung Z, has been postponed until further notice, according to the Wall Street Journal. Samsung would only say that the delay would allow them to “further enhance” the Tizen ecosystem, without giving further guidance on a potential launch. You now have to wonder if this device, which was slated for release at some point in Q3 of this year in Russia, is ever going to materialize in the consumer market.

“Further enhance” the ecosystem seems like PR speak for, “Our app selection is garbage at the moment and we can’t launch a phone without something for people to install or no one will buy it.” If their Russian developer conference turnout is any indication of interest, maybe Tizen will never grab the attention of app makers. I can’t say that I blame developers for not jumping on board. Android and iOS are already capable of making quality developers a ton of money, plus they have established ecosystems and tools. Tizen, well, is still mostly a big question mark.  (more…)

Samsung Announces First Tizen Smartphone – Uh Oh?

Last night, Samsung made its first major step toward leaving Android behind. OK, that’s a load of bullsh*t, but I am sure you will read headlines that say as much all day today. The fuel for this sensationalized journalism is the Korean company’s announcement of their first smartphone running Tizen, a mobile operating system that is certainly not Android. The phone is called the Samsung Z and it is headed for Russia in Q3, with more markets planned thereafter.

Tizen is the operating system that powers Samsung’s wearable devices, but it has also been built to work with smartphones. Some eye it as a direct competitor to Android and a way for Samsung to ditch Android completely, while others, including our own Ron Offringa, think Samsung would be shooting themselves in the foot if they plan to ditch Android for it at any point in the near future. I would have to agree; Android has a firm grasp on the world’s smartphone market and Tizen has little going for it at this point (think app ecosystem). But hey, I guess in 5 years, things could look a lot different.  (more…)