OUYA Launches New Console, All Black Exterior With a Jump in Storage

A new OUYA Android-powered game console is on the market, blacked out, featuring few changes over the OUYA from last year. In the new model, which is priced at $129, it features 16GB of storage instead of 8GB, but still comes with the same NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. OUYA states that the controller received a lot of work, which hopefully addresses a few of the problems people had with the previous version, but we still had higher hopes for a “new version” of the console.  (more…)

Audi and NVIDIA Team Up to Bring Smart Displays, Dashboards and Tablets to Cars

What’s better than a brand new Audi with AT&T LTE built in? A brand new Audi with LTE that has an NVIDIA software system to back it up. CES 2014 is shaping up to be the battle over your dashboard, and NVIDIA is looking to make their mark by bringing their Tegra experience and Visual Computing Module to Audis this year, and hopefully more cars down the road.  (more…)

Limited Edition OUYA in White With 16GB Now on Sale for $129.99


OUYA, an Android game console powered by a Tegra 3 quad-core processor which launched in June of this year, is making headlines for the first time since its release, thanks to a new limited edition White model. The only difference users will see besides the exterior paint is the addition of twice the internal storage available, now at 16GB instead of 8GB found on the black model.  (more…)

Original Nexus 7 Performance Issues Possibly Fixed Thanks to Android 4.3

new nexus 7 old nexus 7

Thanks to an update to Android 4.3, the original Nexus 7 may welcome in a new life with less lag and better performance. According to Brian Klug from AnandTech, the 4.3 update “enabled support for fstrim, an application which TRIMs blocks not in use by the filesystem.” In other words, your original Nexus 7 that has been terribly slow for months will now manage storage properly and potentially present an experience like you would expect all of the time.  (more…)

Android-Powered OUYA Gaming Console Now on Sale, $99 Through Multiple Retailers


This morning, OUYA finally hit the retail market after months of us watching the console go from a small Kickstarter project to a full-on Android-powered gaming system, complete with cool looking controller, of course. The device is priced at $99 and can be found out a good list of retail outlets. For the most part, it appears to be sold out at Amazon and Target, but I saw a few on the Best Buy website and GameStop site if you weren’t able to pre-order one.  (more…)

Ravensword: Shadowlands Now Available on Google Play for $7


This early morning, an epic game by the name of Ravensword: Shadowlands arrived on Google Play. The game is an RPG, but brings one of the largest and most immersive worlds to mobile devices ever seen. In the game, you play as a hero who must find powerful weapons, collect rare items, and basically solve the mysteries and beat the baddies.  (more…)

Video: Demo of 3DiVi’s Nuidroid Software at GTC


In this video, a rep from a company called 3DiVi takes us through a demo of their new Nuidroid motion tracking software. 3DiVi, coupled with the Ouya gaming console, works much like the Kinect does that partners with the Xbox. Using a special ASUS-built motion sensor, 3DiVi’s Nuidroid tracks your movements which then translates into commands for games and applications.  (more…)