Real Boxing Hits Google Play, Remains a Tegra Exclusive Title For Now

Real Boxing

At the 2013 CES, NVIDIA took center stage with Project SHIELD, showing off an upcoming Android title called Real Boxing. Well, we still don’t have SHIELD (and you know how I feel about that), but Real Boxing hit Google Play this AM. Real Boxing is the most life-like fighting experience you will find on Android currently, bringing enhanced 3D graphics and lighting. The game is so detailed, you will see every drop of blood as you pummel it out of your opponent.  (more…)

NVIDIA Looks to Enter the Smartphone and Tablet Manufacturing Game By Way of “White-Labeling”


Juicy rumor time, folks. According to Russian tech site, Mobile Review, NVIDIA has major plans for 2013 that go way beyond that of Project SHIELD and Tegra 4. Apparently, NVIDIA is currently looking to work with local and regional hardware manufacturers to get themselves directly into designing and making devices. The process is called white-labeling and it’s nothing new in the industry. As a quick reference, one company makes the product, then another slaps their logo/name on it and calls it their own, saving the expenses of investing in the necessary infrastructure.  (more…)

Week of Holiday Tegra: Win 1 of 4 Lenovo IdeaTabs Plus $25 Gift Cards [Day 5] (Update: Winners Picked!)


Day 5 of the Week of Holiday Tegra is upon us! That means this is the last day as we head into a long holiday weekend. We have already given away seven tablets, courtesy of our friends at NVIDIA., all of which can take advantage of the gaming power provided by Tegra 3 processors. But today, we’re giving away another four (4) along with $25 gift cards. If you were looking to win a last minute present, this is your last chance. Ready?


Week of Holiday Tegra: Win a Transformer Pad Infinity With Dock and Controller From NVIDIA [Day 3] (Update: Winner Picked)

It’s Day 3! This week, we are teaming up with NVIDIA to bring our readers the “Week of Holiday Tegra” event. They have been extremely generous with the prizes, so make sure to check out the Tegra Zone, where you can find the best mobile games available for Android.

Yesterday, we gave away a pretty awesome Tegra bundle, with a Transformer Pad, lapdock, and Logitech controller for a full gaming experience. Today, we have a Transformer Pad Infinity, matching lapdock, and another Logitech gaming controller. Let’s do this!  (more…)

Week of Holiday Tegra: Win an Asus Transformer Pad With Keyboard Dock and Logitech Gaming Controller [Day 2]

Day 2! All week long, we’ll be handing out fabulous Tegra 3 powered devices to the DL community in our “Week of Holiday Tegra” event, thanks to our friends at NVIDIA. They put up a massive amount of prizes, all of which take advantage of the gaming potential that their Tegra 3 processor contains. Been to the Tegra Zone lately? If there is one mobile company that is doing everything in their power to push mobile gaming forward, it’s NVIDIA.  (more…)

Tegra 4 “Wayne” Details Leak, 72-core GPU and 6x Faster Performance

NVIDIA’s next-gen processor, codenamed “Wayne,” may have leaked out in a company slide yesterday. The mobile processor that most of us figure will be dubbed the Tegra 4, will reportedly sport a 72-core GPU, support 1080p (2560×1440) resolutions, and produce 6x the graphical performance of the Tegra 3. It’s quad-core CPU architecture remains somewhat the same, but NVIDIA will now use ARM Cortex A-15 cores. The Tegra 4 will use 28nm process, making it as power efficient as the Snapdragon S4. The slide also mentions something about supporting 4k, USB 3.0, and dual-channel DDR3L memory.

Overall, this sounds like a giant step forward for NVIDIA. We’re big fans of the Tegra 3 and the work that NVIDIA puts in to bring gaming to mobile devices, so this sounds like exactly what we were hoping would be next in the Tegra 4.

The last rumor we saw suggested that devices could ship in Q1 2013 with the Tegra 4 inside.

Via:  Chip Hell | Engadget

Week of Holiday Tegra: Win 1 of 3 Nexus 7s From Droid Life and NVIDIA [Day 1] (Update: Winners Picked)


Our month of massive giveaways continues! Last week, Google put five Nexus 7s and five $25 Google Play gift cards, in what turned out to be some of the more entertaining contests we have ever done. This week, it’s all about NVIDIA and their Tegra 3 processor. For the next five days, we’ll give away 11 tablets powered by a Tegra processor to the best Android community on the planet. Yes, I just said eleven.   (more…)

AT&T Announce HTC One X+ and One VX Launch Date of November 16

Today, AT&T announced that customers can get their hands on the HTC One X+ and the HTC One VX on November 16, with pre-orders going live for the One X+ starting tomorrow, November 13. For those not following the devices, the One X+ is just like the original One X, except it features a supercharged Tegra 3 processor that is 4G LTE compatible, clocked at 1.7GHz and Jelly Bean. As for the One VX, it is more of a mid-range Android device, featuring a 4.5″ qHD display, 5MP shooter, Jelly Bean, and HTC’s Sense 4 custom UI.

Any chance one of these are on your radar?

Via: AT&T