T-Mobile Adds New Services to Binge On, Makes It Easier to Turn Off

T-Mobile announced that a handful of new services have joined their Binge On video streaming program, this morning, but in doing so, also attempted to provide more of the same narrative as they did during the embarrassing, combative outburst CEO John Legere paraded around earlier in the month in support of it. This time, though, they want you to know that their customers think it’s the greatest thing ever. Of course, that’s never been our problem with Binge On, but Legere refuses to acknowledge that and address any of the real concerns people have with it.

Outside of the customer survey information, they are also giving customers easier ways to turn Binge On on or off(more…)

T-Mobile Hosting BOGO Half-Off Smartphone Event

Starting today, T-Mobile Simple Choice customers can upgrade their lines, thanks to a buy one, get one half-off promotion. For a limited time, customers can purchase any of the high-end smartphones that T-Mobile sells, then receive half-off of a smartphone of equal or lesser value, from the same manufacturer. For example, if you purchase a Galaxy S6, you get a second Galaxy S6 for 50% off. The same goes for the iPhone, Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, among others.  (more…)

BlackBerry Priv Launches Onto T-Mobile January 26

The BlackBerry Priv is making its way to T-Mobile, available beginning January 26 for $0 down through JUMP! On Demand. After a solid amount of time with the Priv only available through AT&T, the Priv has been receiving updates here and there, focusing on the rear-facing camera and software features. The device should receive just as much love on T-Mobile, so if a QWERTY keyboard is something you have been missing, now is the time.  (more…)

Ugh, John Legere is Back Explaining Binge On Again, Apologizing, Dodging, and Probably Holding Back the F Word

Last week, T-Mobile CEO John Legere acted a fool after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called out his Binge On service for throttling all video data and potentially threatening net neutrality rules. He basically pulled out the, “Who the f*ck are you?” card, as if the EFF has some hidden agenda, is below him, and because no one is allowed to talk to King Legere that way. It was embarrassing, if I’m being honest. It was embarrassing because the EFF is one of the few good organizations out there that stands up for sites like this one and for consumers against companies who want to do terrible things.

Today, probably after the entire PR department of T-Mobile told Legere to shut the f*ck for a minute before he does massive damage to the company’s reputation and recent success, Magenta released a “Open Letter to Consumers about Binge On” that is penned by Legere. It is mostly a re-hashing of what he said last week, though it lacks the expletives and attacks on organizations aimed at doing good.  (more…)

How to: Turn Off T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile and John Legere aren’t having a very good day. Everyone has reacted to his reaction to accusations that their Binge On service has some pretty serious flaws. Hot takes are everywhere. It’s hella hot in the hot take department right now. If you aren’t hot-taking T-Mobile’s Binge On, then you probably should be. But don’t come with that weak hot take-ness. You need to bring extra heat to your hotter than hot, hot take of John Legere’s hot take.

This post, however, isn’t a hot take. This is something simpler. This is a quick guide on how to turn off T-Mobile Binge On and move on with life.  (more…)

T-Mobile Adds 14 Services to Binge On, Responds to “Throttling” Concerns

This morning, T-Mobile and its CEO, John Legere, had a whole bunch things to say about their Binge On video service. Not only did they announce a handful of new partners for Binge On, but Legere also addressed all of the recent “throttling” talk surrounding their “optimized” video streams.

Before we get into the throttling fun, the list of new partners includes A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, PlayStation Vue, Tennis Channel Anywhere, FuboTV, Kidoodle TV, Curiosity Stream, Fandor, Newsy, ODK Media, Lifetime Movie Club, and FYI. There should be 14 in total that went live today, which brings Binge On’s partner list up to 38.

OK, now to the interesting stuff.  (more…)