Here is T-Mobile’s Super Bowl Ad With Justin Bieber

Yesterday, we shared Sprint’s Super Bowl commercial. Today, we bring you T-Mobile’s.

It has Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowsi and Terrell Owens. There is some dancing involved, a few touchdown celebrations, etc. It’s…yeah. Oh, they also talk about unlimited things like T-Mobile ONE and attempt to tie that into dancing or unlimited moves or something.

What else is going on today? Everyone good?

AT&T Customers Who Switched to T-Mobile for Free Year of DIRECTV NOW to Also Receive Free Year of Hulu

In mid-December, T-Mobile offered AT&T customers who switched to the Uncarrier a free year of the DIRECTV NOW streaming service. As it turns out, DIRECTV NOW kinda sucks, so to make it up to those specific customers, T-Mobile is granting them a free year of access to Hulu, “an awesome streaming service that actually works.” (more…)