New Version of Swype Includes Gestures and Quick Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps Launching – Available Now To Nexus S 4G


If things seem to be a little quiet on the Swype front these days, it is probably because they have been working extra hard behind the scenes with carriers and phone manufacturers to introduce a handful of new features.  Sprint Nexus S 4G owners have the opportunity to download a new version (3.25.91) today, before the general public.  The Swype team has added in gestures to make for easy copy, cut, and selecting, as well as a way to quickly launch some of your favorite apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps.

The plan is to roll this out to NS4G owners first (download here) and then make it available to everyone in their beta program “soon.”

What are your current thoughts on Swype?  Was certainly one of the top keyboards of 2010, but now we have so many incredible options to choose from like Swiftkey, FlexT9 and A.I.Type.

TouchPal is Releasing a New Beta, And Wants It To Be Your New Favorite Keyboard

Everyone here definitely has their own opinions on what their favorite keyboard is. Whether it be Swype, FlexT9, Swiftkey, etc, each one of those has their certain niche which works for individual people. Well, TouchPal thinks you’re all wrong, but it isn’t entirely your fault. You just don’t know about their awesome new input system yet.  (more…)

Swype Releases Version 3.0, Tablet Support And Tap Correction (Updated)

UPDATE:  The 3.0 update is now available. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Swype just got done announcing version 3.0, bringing with it some very neat features including tablet support, tap correction, and horizontal word choice. After looking for it on the Swype site, we couldn’t find anything, so we checked in with our contact over there – Community Relations guru, Brian Resnik who had this to say:

So, we’re going through some last minute checks to make sure everything is rock solid before we push the new version live.  This is a big launch for us, and we want to make sure all of the problems people have had in the past have been duly addressed.  Particularly, we’re making sure that the annoying “license failed on reboot” bug is permanently squashed.  We’re currently uploading the latest packages to our servers, switching the website over to the latest version, and doing a final round of testing before we flip the switch and start pushing out the new version.  All said, we should have v3.0 ready to download in about 1-2 hours

He also handed us a very nifty video which showcases all of 3.0’s new features presented by Swype’s Director of Product Development, Brian Yee. You can check it out after the jump.    (more…)

Swype Beta Updated to Version, Mostly Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A big ol’ Swype Beta update has been released.  What’s in store?  Nothing that you’ll notice from afar, but they did toss in a whole bunch of performance enhancements and fix a boatload of bugs.  They also added support for a variety of new screen types like the qHD you’ll find on the Atrix and BIONIC.  Other than that, your overall experience will be the winner here.

All of the new dirty details are below.   (more…)

Swype Lays Down the Law on Distribution Without a License

This letter doesn’t come as much of a surprise since we’ve had plenty of conversations concerning this subject with Swype ourselves, but this list is as good as it gets for guidelines as to how they want their keyboard app to be treated throughout our enormous community.  Overall, Swype wants to embrace the massive amount of developers that Android has, as long as they are developing for a phone that would normally ship with Swype on it, of course.  And that’s really what their guidelines come down to; you can develop for and skin Swype all over the place as long as the version matches the one that shipped with the phone originally.  There shouldn’t be unlocking of the beta program version and no one should be stealing pre-loaded versions and including them in say, HTC devices, or they will be in violation.

Check out their letter to XDA after the break.   (more…)

Swype Beta Re-opens to the Public for the Holidays

Good news for those of you who missed out on the last opening of the Swype beta!  Starting today, anyone with an Android phone can head over to and register for the beta program.  They are calling this a “limited time” offer, so be sure to get over there now.  Oh, and there is a new version for those of you already dominating some Swype.

New Changelog | Announcement

Swype Beta Invitations have Re-Opened, Check Your Inboxes (Updated)

We’re pretty sure that Swype has secretly opened up their beta program again which means that if you signed up back in the day, there is a chance you could get an invite any minute now.  Two of our readers have already confirmed receiving an invitation.  On their site it still says “closed”, but we have someone close to the battle that gave us a “maybe” when asked about it.  And if you didn’t sign up in the past, flood their site now and register!

Update:  And just as we said, they have opened up invitations to “some” already registered users…


Might as well register anyway though right?  They might do another random invite at some time and you want to be on the list.

Let us know if you get anything!

Swype Beta Updated, Bug Fixes and New Installer (Updated)

The Swype team snuck in an update this week to their beta program and it’s actually pretty major.  They have finally fulfilled the number 1 request from their users with the addition of Voice-to-Text.  See that cute little microphone button pictured above?  Well there you go my friends.  Just in time for the holidays.

Oh, they also tossed in this really sweet double-tap-to-edit option (apparently old as well).  If you see an incorrect word, you can simply double tap on it to bring up a menu of word choices.  Awesome, right?

Update:  Some people are claiming to have seen these new features in previous releases.  This is definitely supposed to be an updated build as of 12/3/10, so maybe it’s just a bug fixer?  Our Swype update on 11/11 definitely didn’t include these features.

Update 2:  And we’re idiots.  I guess this was in the previous version.

Update 3:  Looks like a bug fixer and a new installer…that’s it.  Moving on!

To download the new installer visit:

Tip:  If you run into an error while installing, this post may help fix it.

Cheers Jimmy!