Swype Releases Version 3.0, Tablet Support And Tap Correction (Updated)

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UPDATE:  The 3.0 update is now available. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Swype just got done announcing version 3.0, bringing with it some very neat features including tablet support, tap correction, and horizontal word choice. After looking for it on the Swype site, we couldn’t find anything, so we checked in with our contact over there – Community Relations guru, Brian Resnik who had this to say:

So, we’re going through some last minute checks to make sure everything is rock solid before we push the new version live.  This is a big launch for us, and we want to make sure all of the problems people have had in the past have been duly addressed.  Particularly, we’re making sure that the annoying “license failed on reboot” bug is permanently squashed.  We’re currently uploading the latest packages to our servers, switching the website over to the latest version, and doing a final round of testing before we flip the switch and start pushing out the new version.  All said, we should have v3.0 ready to download in about 1-2 hours

He also handed us a very nifty video which showcases all of 3.0’s new features presented by Swype’s Director of Product Development, Brian Yee. You can check it out after the jump.   

So now would definitely be the time for all of our amazing readers who are a part of Swype’s Beta program to prepare for the newest Swype goodness. You can check to see if the beta is available here, but it looks right now like their servers couldn’t handle our power.

Via: MobileCrunch

Cheers Brian!



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