New Swype Available For BETA Users

Were you lucky enough to be one of our many winners for all of our previous Swype contests? Got even more lucky to somehow land yourself into one of the unfilled spots on their primary lists? Remember we leaked there was a update coming? Well the time has come once again for Swype to upgrade. Some much requested features are now available. Speech to Text, Double Tap to Edit, and even some more accuracy issues.

But this also touches another subject that I will hopefully have the chance to touch basis with soon here at Droid-Life. Updates – Whether they be for ROMs, apps, or software in general. Some seem to update constantly, and some quite seldomnly. I am always confused when people say they can’t stand the constant updating. Don’t you want your apps to work correctly? But that’s for a later date.

If you’re on the BETA team for Swype, go get some!

Users with access to the beta can begin downloading the update immediately by pointing their device’s browser to

Check the whole forum post here:  Swype Forums.

Keep it coming Swype!


Swype Beta Update Coming Early November, Fixes Accuracy and Installation Problems

For those of you in the exclusive Swype Beta program, get ready for an update!  A source at Swype Inc who has asked to remain anonymous just told Droid Life that a new version of the Swype Beta for Android is going through the last stages of internal QA testing now. If you have an account that’s been accepted to the beta, expect an update to hit your email inbox sometime during the first week of November.  The update should resolve the vast majority of – if not all of – the problems with installation, and fix some accuracy issues introduced in the last update. Supposedly there’s more stuff than that in the update, but we couldn’t get a confirmed list.

Update:  That is a screenshot from K’s DX, there are no plans that we know of that include a microphone button in this release.

Swype Beta Invitation Winners, Read This!

If you were one of our 50 Swype beta invitation winners, then you must read this post to figure out exactly how you can get your account activated and Swype downloaded to your phone!  We had some users win that had previously signed up to the beta but were late and didn’t actually make the cut and then we had others who had never signed up before and were added to the system as new users.  Each group has a different way of getting this whole thing going.

So here is the deal:

1.  If you had previously signed up to the beta, this means that you WILL NOT be receiving an email from Swype with activation info. Instead, your account has been manually activated by the Swype team.  All you need to do now is visit, login and click “Resend Activation Email” or go straight to to download the installer.

2.  If you had NOT previously signed up to the beta, this means you WILL receive an email from Swype with activation instructions. In fact, you should have already received it.  The key piece here is that you have 24 HOURS to activate your account, so make sure to check your email immediately!

Let us know if you run into any issues!

Contest: Missed the Swype Beta Signup Period? We’re Giving Away 50 Invitations!

Sick of waiting for some hacked version of Swype to be released every time there is a new beta released to their somewhat exclusive program?  Still upset that you missed the signup period?  Well as of today, you no longer have to worry.  Swype just handed us 50 invitations to give out to Droid Life readers who want to be a part of the program!  Pretty sweet right?  (+1 Swype)

And since these are premium invites, we’re going to make it slightly more difficult for you to enter.  OK, not terribly difficult, but instead of just 1 step like most of our contests include, you will have 2.

How to enter:

1.  Join our forums and post the reason you love Swype in this forum thread.
2.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following message:

@droid_life is giving away 50 Swype beta invites!  Contest details here – #swype #android

That’s it!


We will pick the 50 winners tomorrow afternoon and forward them on to our friends at Swype.  After they have received the list, they will setup invite accounts for the winners and forward you the information needed to get the latest beta and become a part of their program.

There you go, another giveaway here at Droid Life.  A big thanks to Swype for the 50 invites!

Good luck everyone!

Download: Themed Swype for DROID X

I know that Droid X users probably felt a little left out yesterday with all of the Swype’s flying around for the original Droid and the Incredible, so we wanted to bring you some new toys to play with.  There is a batch of themed Swypes available for rooted Droid X users that you must check out.  Colors range from red to green to black to blue and all have color coordinated tracers to match the particular theme.


Download: Black |  Blue |  Red |  Green


*Note* – If you want to save your original Swype file for safe keeping, use Root Explorer and find it in /system/app.  Make a copy of it and save it somewhere on your SD card.

1.  You have to be rooted.
2.  Open Koush’s Droid X Bootstrap, bootstrap recovery (if you haven’t) and then reboot recovery.
2.  Scroll down to “install zip from sdcard.”
3.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
4.  Select the themed Swype file that you downloaded above and “yes” to install it.
5.  Reboot your system.
6.  Enjoy your new Swype!

Let us know if you run into any issues.

Download: Swype or for DROID Incredible and EVO

A couple of semi-new versions of Swype are available to download for the Droid Incredible and don’t require an installer or an email address to get rolling on your phone.  Version 1.61 looks and acts just like what you’ll see on the Galaxy S lineup of phones and version 2.4.44 is the beta that many of you were unable to sign up for.  Grab whichever one you prefer after the jump! (more…)

Download: Swype Beta for Motorola DROID

Forum member BloodiedWraith hooked us up late last night with Swype Beta which is the newest version available.  And when we say “hooked up” we mean a version that is installable without an installer or a registration email.  This is as straight up of an app installation as you’ll find.  He sent me a message last night thanking the Droid Life community for all that it has done and wanted to give back.   I’d say he more than gave back.  Enjoy and be sure to thank him back!

Download:  Removed by request from Swype.

(Of course there are plenty of spots to find them near by.)


1.  Uninstall all previous versions of Swype beta and reboot your phone.
2.  Find the .apk file you downloaded from above, tap on it and install.
3.  Enjoy!


Again, this community just amazes me more each day.  It’s been a full 10 months now and we’re as strong of a community as ever.  Thanks everyone for making this the most enjoyable Droid spot on the planet!